UKI Token
UKI is the token that will be used in Cukies World, and it will be deeply integrated in the whole ecosystem.
UKI token will be required to perform most in-game actions, such as breed, improve Cukies skills, create new stuff (like artifacts and technology), build new tools or improve the existing ones, craft gems and other resources your Cuki has gathered, and many other things as the game is developed.
Shortly after being listed, UKI will be also the only token used in our marketplace, where users will be able to trade not only Cukies, but many other things they get while playing: skins to customize Cukies appearance, food to feed them, tools to work faster, gems, emotes, dances...
UKI will have a total supply of 1B tokens, but the vast majority wonโ€™t be in circulation at the beginning, and most of it will be shared as rewards for the players.
At least a 60% of all UKI that goes back to the ecosystem will be used for the benefit of the community, by increasing the rewards pool or by locking those tokens and reducing the circulating supply.
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