👥Multiplayer Game

We love the idea of an open world where you explore and play at your own pace. This is what you will find in the single player mode, as we have explained so far.

But we know that there are many players who prefer to compete against each other, or just work together with other players for a common goal.

We want to make Cukies World appealing for a large audience, and that’s why we are already working on a multiplayer version for the game with 2 different modes, cooperative and competitive.

Just a little teaser of what you will find there:

Cooperative mode: Join your friends – or other random users – and play together, performing missions and challenges that a single Cuki couldn’t face!

Create a team of Cukies with different skills and aim for glory! The dungeons are waiting for the bravest groups. Are you ready?

Competitive mode (PVP): If you’re eager to prove your gaming skills, you will love this. Test your abilities and show who is the best Cuki in the Infinite Archipelago!

You can win prizes in our free to join tournaments. And if you are brave enough, you can use your hard-earned tokens to compete against other player for bigger prizes!

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