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First of all, welcome to Cukies World!
Thank you for showing interest in our project and taking some time to read about it. This is the first version of our whitepaper, that we will be updating regularly.
We have a clear idea of what we want to do and the steps we need to follow to achieve it, and that’s what we will represent in this document. But we are aware that as we progress and the market as a whole evolves, there will be new opportunities arising, that we can’t ignore.
That’s why we talk about a "living ecosystem", and all the new stuff that happens or changes around Cukies World, will be also represented in this document. Lastly, you may be used to lots of technical words in other whitepapers that you may not understand. We will try to do the opposite and use a simple language, so the "average Joe" can fully understand our vision, and what Cukies World is all about.
Before we start, you just need to be familiar with two concepts: NFT and P2E. If you are not certain what they mean, don’t worry, we will clearly explain them in the next two sections.
These are the most technical words you will read in the whole document.
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