🏅Improve Skills

Improving your Cukies skills is an essential part of Cukies World game, as this will unlock different mechanics and capabilities for your Cukies.

In the lower skill levels, you will have to work with rudimentary items and tools (like a stone or a basic axe, consisting on a stick with a stone), while in the higher skill levels you will be able to build and craft much more elaborated items (like a sharp iron axe, or even one made with gems).

Cukies skills can be improved up to level 5 (5 skill points). Improving a skill, specially to the highest levels, is not an easy task. This is how it works: First you will have to acquire the required experience (EXP) by performing missions related to that skill. And once you have the required EXP, you will have to use some of your gems, UKI & GEMD tokens or even other special resources to improve your skill.

Keep in mind that the number of skill points a Cuki can improve is limited, and it’s based on his rarity. We recommend you to take some time to define your strategy correctly before improving a skill!

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