Cukies.World Whitepaper

Seasons, achievements & more

To make the gaming experience funnier and engaging, we will add a few options that will be initially focused on the single player mode, but that will be later added to the multiplayer game too.
Seasons: This consist on special events that can last some weeks or even months. Here you you will find some thematic missions and tasks, where you could gather new type of resources.
Seasonal rewards: Related to seasons, as you complete different tasks and missions you will accumulate points that will unlock different rewards. The more you play during a seasonal event, the more points you will accumulate, and the better prizes you will unlock!
Achievements: This is not related to any event, mission or task, but it's about everything you do while playing. This could be some achievement samples that will give you a reward: walk 50,000 steps; collects 3,000 pieces of wood or gather 1,000 fruits.
Apart from this we will have an increasing number of secondary missions, challenges and contest so you have something new to do and discover every day in Cukies World.