Breeder is the most special skill, as it will allow your Cukies to create new living beings. As the other skills, Breeder skill can also be improved up to level 5, and the number of this skill represents how many breeds the Cuki can have.

How to breed?

First you will need to have 2 Cukies with at least 1 breeder skill point.

If you meet this criteria, you will just need to use some gems, UKI & GEMD tokens and/or some special resources to breed a new Cuki.

New Cukies’ rarity

The rarity of the new Cukies won’t be determined until they become adults.

However, before you start the breeding process you can have already an idea of the rarity your new Cuki may have, as the parents’ rarity will play a very important role on the rarity of their offspring.

For example: if the parents are Common and Rare, you will have higher chances to get a new Rare Cuki than if the 2 parents are Common Cukies.

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