🕹️Scholarships – New Model

Scholars are a very important part of the game, and that's why we dedicated a long time to design a fair and intuitive model for them. If you don't know what scholars are, the idea is very simple and easy to understand.

There will be 2 different user types in Cukies World:

First one is investors, that would be a person who has purchased one Cuki or more, but he doesn’t like to play, or doesn’t have time for it.

Second one is gamers, who want to play, but don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend it on buying a Cuki.

The process will be as follows: Imagine that you are an investor and you have a Cuki, but you don't want to play the game. What you will do is make your Cuki available for gamers, and when doing it you will have to decide about 2 things:

  • The winnings % you are willing to share with the person who plays with your Cuki.

  • The in-game experience in Cukies World you want the player managing your Cuki to have.

Players who come to Cukies World, will see all the Cukies available to play. They will be able to filter them with some parameters, such as Cuki type or in-game experience, in order to quickly choose the Cuki that suits them best.

After that, the gamer will be playing for a while, and he will make a profit that will be shared with the Cuki owner based on the agreed percentages. In addition to this, the gamer will accumulate more in-game experience in Cukies World, that will allow him to have access to better Cukies and conditions in the future.

All this will be managed within the game, without users having to worry about anything. Easy-peasy.

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