👤Single Player Mode

Cukies World will be released in batches, being the first one the single player mode.

In this mode you can explore Cukies World at your own pace, and discover something new every day. We have used a procedural generation for the islands creation, making each island unique. You can read more about the Infinite Archipelago here.

In the single player mode, there will be 3 types of missions and tasks that you can perform:

Adventure missions: There will be various adventure missions for each skill, and your Cukies will acquire the required experience (EXP) to improve each skill to the next level as they complete these missions. When your Cuki improves a skill, he will learn new mechanics and capabilities, that will make him more productive.

As you perform the adventure missions you will also learn more about Cukies story.

You can try the first adventure mission in our demo, that will serve as the basic tutorial for the game, in our website: https://cukies.world/game

Skill missions: These missions will be the main way of monetization for the players. Each day you will have at least one skill mission available for each skill, which will have different rewards based on the skill level of your Cuki.

For example, if you have a Cuki with 2 skill points as Miner, your mission and your reward will be different than the one a Cuki with only 1 skill point as Miner will have.

Tasks: To make the game funnier, each day there will be a pool of shorter tasks that Cukies can fulfill. You can accept the tasks you want, and complete them at the same time that you are doing other missions.

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