🤒Energy and Health Consumption

Cukies have 2 status bars, representing their energy and health. You will have to pay close attention to them, as they will determine how productive your Cuki is.

Let’s see a bit more in detail how energy and health work.

Energy bar:

The energy bar determines the number of missions and tasks your Cuki can handle. Accepting each mission or task will have an energy cost, and you will have to decide which of them do you want to take each day.

As a simple example, imagine a task that consist on collecting 250 pieces of wood, with a cost of 15 Energy points and a reward of 1 Gem. If you want get this reward, you will first have to expend 15 energy points of your Cuki to accept the task, and then start accumulating wood from the trees.

The only way to recover your Cukies energy is by taking rest. For this, you will have to make sure to move your Cukies to their cabin before you close your gaming session.

The better your cabin, the faster your Cuki will get his energy back and go back to work.

Health bar:

The health bar determines the chances of “success” your Cuki has when performing each action. As a simple example, imagine that you are getting wood from a tree. If your Cukies health bar is high, there will also be a high probability of success each time your Cuki hits the tree with the axe. However, if your Cukies health bar is low, there will be a high probability of miss and not getting any wood in that hit.

Your Cukies health bar will decrease as you play and perform actions. To recover their health, you will have to feed them. You can do this by gathering some fruit from the trees, or by creating elaborated dishes if your Cuki has the skill to do it.

In future updates, health bar will have also an influence on your Cukies movements. The more health they have, the faster they will move.

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