Cukies.World Whitepaper


Cukies have 6 different skills:
  • Miner
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Gatherer
  • Scout
  • Breeder
Each skill has a different purpose and can be improved up to level 5. The more you improve a skill, the better your Cuki will be doing the task related to that skill.
We call skill points to each point that a Cuki has developed. For example, the Cuki in the image below has a total of 5 skill points: 2 in Miner skill, 1 in Engineer skill and 2 in Scout skill.
Note that each skill has a different color. This will be important when playing the game.
Not all Cukies will be able to level up all their skills up to level 5. The rarer the Cuki, the more skill points she will be able to improve. So choose wisely before improving your Cukies!